Wardrobe Malfunctions: fur coats and lapel pins

Besides the complete one-sided play of Superbowl XLVIII, the other story of the big game was Joe Namath’s coat.  While only 49 degrees, Mr. Namath decided to dress for the Arctic.  His over-the-top fur was the talk of sports shows and news shows alike and not just because PETA was less than amused.  We were […]

Vocals Matter: Howard Dean vs. Edward Snowden

In 2004, Howard Dean effectively ended his campaign for the democratic nomination when he gave the infamous “I have a scream” speech. His campaign wasn’t over because of his platform.  He didn’t use words he shouldn’t have.  His campaign was over because of the way he used his voice.  That scream, which was replayed over […]

You are always live!

ABC US News | ABC International News Let’s talk about Representative Michael Grimm.  The day after the State of the Union, he was all over the news — but not for a good reason. After an interview in the Capitol, he expressed his displeasure with the questions asked, telling the reporter: “Let me be clear […]

“I am not a bully” and how to avoid incriminating yourself

In January of this year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a two-hour long press conference explaining his involvement — or lack there of — in the “Bridgegate” scandal.  While the Governor’s focus was to emphasize that he knew nothing about the scandal, questions turned towards the governor’s temperament — as they often do. Reporters […]

Welcome to District Media Group!

I started DMG in 2008 because I noticed a common trend. Knowledgeable and engaging people suddenly freeze-up when the camera starts rolling. People tend to present their “worst self” on camera. But, through understanding the basic interview techniques — including messaging and body language, among others — people can present their “best self” on camera. […]