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ABC US News | ABC International News Let’s talk about Representative Michael Grimm.  The day after the State of the Union, he was all over the news — but not for a good reason. After an interview in the Capitol, he expressed his displeasure with the questions asked, telling the reporter: “Let me be clear […]

“I am not a bully” and how to avoid incriminating yourself

In January of this year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a two-hour long press conference explaining his involvement — or lack there of — in the “Bridgegate” scandal.  While the Governor’s focus was to emphasize that he knew nothing about the scandal, questions turned towards the governor’s temperament — as they often do. Reporters […]

Welcome to District Media Group!

I started DMG in 2008 because I noticed a common trend. Knowledgeable and engaging people suddenly freeze-up when the camera starts rolling. People tend to present their “worst self” on camera. But, through understanding the basic interview techniques — including messaging and body language, among others — people can present their “best self” on camera. […]