What We Can Learn From Hulk Hogan

After four days of RNC Convention speeches, one thing is true—professional wrestling has produced some of the most dynamic speakers in the country. Hulk Hogan gave one of the more memorable speeches of the evening, and not just because he ripped his clothes off to reveal a Trump/Vance ’24 t-shirt underneath. (DMG does not recommend […]

How to Succeed in Your Own Big Boy or Big Girl Press Conference

It’s clear President Biden intends to stay in the race, and last night’s press conference only cements the debacle Democrats find themselves in—he’s staying, but he’s still not great. They needed Biden to be as bad as the debate—a low bar—but even after misspeaking and referring to Trump as his VP and the many “anyways” […]

Dropping F-Bombs to Stop Bombs

Up until this past weekend, the biggest headline U.S. Congressman Jamaal Bowman could claim had to do with his fire alarm stunt. But on Saturday, at a rally with AOC in the Bronx, he gave us something new to talk about. Bowman dropped multiple f-bombs, he yelled, he danced, he slammed a stool, and he capped it […]

Don’t try to be cool…unless you are.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer cooked up quite a media storm when he posted a photo on Father’s Day proudly displaying his culinary skills…or lack thereof. Any person with some knowledge of cooking knows you prepare the meat before you add the cheese. He’s not the only politician who has proven that “fake it till […]

When a bird lands on your head…

Interviews feel like, and often are, high-stakes situations. You’re not certain what questions you’ll be asked; you worry you’ll stumble or not know how to respond (or worse, say something that ends your career); you hope your hair and wardrobe look polished; and, fingers crossed, your WIFI stays strong. DMG can help you work through […]