3 Ways to Talk About Conservatism With a Liberal

“As the mantra of ‘Don’t discuss politics or religion’ repeats like a drumbeat in your head, you settle on ‘How about that game?’

Your desperate search for the safest question to ask a colleague as you wait for the morning coffee to brew is understandable. But you can find a way.

If conservatives refrain from engaging in the narrative, we let the media and politicians (ahem, President Barack Obama) paint us as crazy people who cling to ‘guns or religion.'”

President of DMG Beverly Hallberg is debuting a column in The Daily Signal to help you talk to the people in your life (think neighbors, co-workers, family, friends) about conservative issues. Check out the first installment!

Is ISIS really Obama’s top priority?

Optics matter. A lot.

DMG president Beverly Hallberg analyzes President Obama’s vs. French President Hollande’s words and actions post-Brussels attacks:

“The juxtaposition of the blood-stained images from Belgium against Obama’s jovial demeanor (complete with sunglasses) in an interview on ESPN allowed the social media posts to create themselves. With Americans confirmed dead in Belgium, this tone deaf image is hard to deny.

Compare Obama’s actions to Hollande’s.

It was widely reported that immediately after the attack he called for a meeting with high-level officials to deal with the situation.”

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How Marco Rubio lost his voice…and the election

With Marco Rubio’s unsurprising exit from the 2016 election cycle, DMG president Beverly Hallberg adds her take on what ultimately led to his downfall:

“Much will be written about the rise and fall of the former Tea Party darling’s presidential run. Pundits will focus on the typical reasons for an election cycle meltdown… [but] Rubio’s failure is largely the result of something else — something he was so good at no one considered it would ever lead to his downfall.”

To read more, head over to The Federalist.

How to Debate Like a Presidential Frontrunner

In today’s Washington Examiner, DMG President Beverly Hallberg discusses why debates matter, the Trump factor, and how the participants in tonight’s Republican debate on Fox News can be remembered for all the right reasons:

“No, it isn’t about the length of airtime (120 minutes tonight for the main debate). It’s about the sound bites that circulate in the 24-hours news cycle and on social media tonight, tomorrow and (potentially) for years to come. Those 10-second clips are why debates, even primary debates, matter.”

Here’s what the candidates, including Trump, need to keep in mind if they want to be remembered for the right reasons this debate season. Read the full article here.

Give the Answer You Want

DMG President Beverly Hallberg offers advice on how to make the most of your media interviews in The Heritage Foundation’s latest edition of InsiderOnline:

“It’s no secret that many dread the unknown of reporters’ questions. The reason? Even the friendliest reporters are doing their job when they play devil’s advocate. But the true horror lies in hostile reporters trying to trip up their “guests” with the sole goal of shaming them in a never-to-forget clip.”

The good news? “There is a strategy that works…and it is the true art of interviewing well.” To find out how to give the answer you want (not the one a reporter wants), click here.

Why Presidential Announcements Matter

President of DMG Beverly Hallberg breaks down the modern day presidential announcement at The Daily Signal:

“Today’s presidential announcement involves a whole lot of pomp and circumstance. And if a candidate is going to stand out and capture America’s attention, there are three main areas where he/she needs to shine: setting, script, and social media.”

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How Rand Paul’s media clashes could hurt him with women voters

President of DMG Beverly Hallberg says, “TV is about likability. And to the person who knows very little about Paul and was getting to know him for the first time, yesterday’s display made him seem pretty unlikable.”

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What Would Jesus do on MSNBC?

President of DMG, Beverly Hallberg, writes:

I’ve never said “What Would Jesus Do” in anything but jest but with Easter weekend upon us and religious liberty issues raging, I can’t think of a better time to ask “WWJD.”

Here are three lessons we can learn from the greatest communicator of all and how it translates to today. (Sorry Ronald Reagan fans, but Jesus has him beat.)

To read more, visit The Daily Signal.

A memorable SOTU response for all the right reasons

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, can take back the response. Read how in DMG president Beverly Hallberg’s op-ed in the WashingtonExaminer.com.