B²: Wait. Net Neutrality isn’t fair?

In November, President Obama argued in support of Net Neutrality. He claimed that not enacting these regulations would, “threaten to end the internet as we know it.” Those are pretty big words. The FCC is likely to rule on the fate of the internet this month, and the rhetoric is heating up again. Proponents of […]

Trump’s building what? How to B² the border bill in the real world

Donald Trump made some interesting statements about border security on last night’s “On the Record.” Video: “I build the best buildings, walls are easy. And believe me, I would build a wall that is not penetrable.” The soundbite is making news for all the wrong reasons. While The Donald may love to take a no-holds-barred approach, his message doesn’t […]

Announcing B-Squared!

DMG is launching a new, free service to help DMG’s friends anticipate tough questions and respond in a way that isn’t career ending. We call it B², “Block and Bridge.”  If you are familiar with DMG’s methods, you’ll recognize it immediately. Here’s how it works: We’ll monitor the news, inform you of the trickiest questions, and […]

A memorable SOTU response for all the right reasons

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, can take back the response. Read how in DMG president Beverly Hallberg’s op-ed in the

DMG in Chris Christie should let Americans in on his weight loss journey

“If Governor Christie wants to connect with Americans on a national level, he needs something more than quotable sound bites. He needs to show he cares and understands the struggles of every day Americans, and I believe he can do that by opening up about his weight-loss journey on his own terms — something he […]