B² the Debt Limit. Go on Offense.

DC and Deadlines could be synonymous. The latest target date approaching is the debt ceiling, which we hit on March 16th. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi used catastrophic language Friday, saying, “Failure to act would have savage impacts on American families.” That fear mongering, combined with the recent DHS shutdown drama, means the media are ready […]

B²: King v. Burwell

Washington attorneys aren’t alone in their efforts to gear up for another round of oral arguments before the Supreme Court.  Communicators everywhere are realizing that most Americans aren’t aware the Court will once again be deciding how the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or ObamaCare, affects them. We are experiencing déjà vu since the case has […]

What Netanyahu Should Say to Congress

As Netanyahu prepares to speak to Congress, who does he need to convince. Read DMG President Beverly Hallberg’s thoughts in her op-ed at The Daily Signal.

B²: Patriotism and War Powers

Do you love America? That’s one media question you wouldn’t expect to leave you flat-footed. Radio hosts around the nation are asking our leaders their opinion on the president’s patriotism following Rudy Giuliani’s salvo on the subject. The B² team noticed that some have found themselves on their heels (no names!). Red State reported how Sen. Marco […]

B² the Government Shutdown

As the arctic cold lingers around Washington D.C. this week, another deep freeze settles in on Capitol Hill. Whatever your stance, two things are true: The average American doesn’t like government shutdowns; and Democrats will blame Republicans, especially since they control both houses of Congress. So as the clock ticks and the deadline of February […]