B² the Budget

President Barack Obama laid out his $4 trillion budget proposal last week. In response, the GOP took advantage of Groundhog Day and cried “more of the same.”

The true messaging test for the GOP will come when Republicans submit their own budget. It’s easy to pan a lackluster proposal with the help of a Bill Murray movie (great movie, btw), but to defend a budget with deep cuts…? Unpopular cuts? Well, that’s another story.

Good thing it’s Tuesday. B2 day.

Here is this week’s likely media question and the B2 (block and bridge) that sets the narrative straight:

Q: “You’re proposing cuts to entitlements. How can you suggest this when people are struggling to make ends meet?”

A: “People are struggling out there. And, if we want to protect the safety net for those people, we must reform entitlements. That starts with <insert talking point>.”

Whatever talking point you insert, start by acknowledging the victim in their question. If you skip over the human element and move straight to a policy position, you sound like you don’t care.

Also, avoid words and phrases that bring life to their narrative. Don’t use “cut” or “eliminate,” instead talk about “reform.” People don’t like cuts, but they do like reform.

You’ve got this one.

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