New Year, New Studio

Happy New Year! 2024 is the perfect time to finally set up that home studio you’ve had on your to-do list. To help you do so, here are the top three equipment recommendations we regularly send to clients. This small investment makes a big difference to how you look and sound.

#1 — Lights
Make sure you order two. Place both behind your computer screen — one on the right and one on the left — to illuminate your face.

#2 — Microphone (and Microphone Adapters)
We recommend this microphone. But depending on whether you have a Mac or PC, you’ll need an adapter for each. You can find the Mac adapter here, and you can find the PC adapter here.

#3 — IFB
This is the IFB you’ll want to purchase. You don’t technically need an IFB, but a producer will often ask you to wear headphones. We’ve found that an IFB provides better assurance as Airpods can lose power in the middle of an interview.