How to not be Dick Morris

If you haven’t seen the news by now, Dick Morris’s recent Newsmax interview was interrupted by a man wearing only boxer shorts and an undershirt. It’s clear the man didn’t know Dick was doing a live interview at the time, and neither party acknowledged the surprise appearance when it happened.

So, how do you avoid the same fate? Here are a couple tips to ensure something like this never happens to you. These tips may seem basic, but they can save you from going viral for the wrong reasons.

#1 — Let everyone in your house know you’re recording.
Clearly communicating when and where in the house your live interview will be happening is paramount. You should ask everyone who will be in the house while you’re recording to remain quiet and still until you let them know it’s all clear. This means no vacuuming, house repairs, or talking on the phone.

#2 — Plug into your Wi-Fi.
You should also request that everyone not use the Wi-Fi until the interview is finished so that you have a strong signal. BUT, to ensure the best connection and no tech interruptions, a great option is to plug into your Wi-Fi. You can even purchase a 100-foot ethernet cable and attach it to your computer wherever you go live.