B²: “Count me in”/#NeverTrump

Since Donald Trump has become the presumptive nominee, the GOP seems stuck in a glass case of emotion.

You’ve got your “count me ins” like Governors Mike Pence and Rick Perry, your “I’m not readys” like House Speaker Paul Ryan, and your #NeverTrumps like Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Congressman Justin Amash (MI-03). All of the indecision and uncertainty makes for great television, and the media knows it.

So, unless you’re ready to commit to the Donald or change your voter registration, what is the best way to dance around the disunity?

Good thing it’s Tuesday, B² day.

Here is this week’s likely media question and the B² (block and bridge) that sets the narrative straight:

Q: “Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, will you support him in the general?”

B²: “In order to make a decision, I need him to throw fewer insults and talk more policy. One issue I’m most concerned about is <insert talking point>.”

Wherever you take the conversation next, know that you can dance around the disunity and talk policy until you’re ready to address Trump as the presumptive nominee (which may be never, and that’s ok). As DMG teaches, re-focusing the conversation on your message and subsequent talking points is always the best move no matter the topic. Trump and the supposed schism are getting more than enough media attention, so fill the void and stick to the issues.