B²: Cuba

And now for a B² that isn’t marked by endorsement questions, the “establishment” vs. “outsider” label, and talking point gaffes (aka – the crazy that is this election cycle). Instead, let’s talk foreign policy.

The Obamas’ Spring Break 2016 trip to Cuba ends later today. But this historic visit (with all its implications) will remain a talking point, especially given the divide over whether this “olive branch” of a trip is helpful or hurtful moving forward. Reporters are ready to talk about it. Are you?

Good thing it’s Tuesday, B² day.

Here is this week’s likely media question and the B² (block and bridge) that sets the narrative straight:

Q: “Do you think President Obama’s trip to Cuba was a good idea?”

B²: “There’s no doubt President Obama’s visit was historic, but the focus of conversation should be how to help those who’ve been persecuted under the Castro regime. The best way to achieve that is <insert talking point>.”

Wherever you take the conversation next, remember that while the trip is over (almost), the focus should remain on the oppression of the Cuban people and the best way to bring freedom to that country. The result? You have the opportunity to use a major, controversial news cycle topic to spotlight the best foreign policy for Cuba.