B²: Holiday Dinner Table

The holidays are prime time for miscommunication. Whether the topic of conversation is the Syrian refugee crisis, Obama’s strategy (or lack there of) to combat ISIS, Donald Trump’s seeming popularity, or every other issue related to the 2016 election cycle, there’s much more than the weather to discuss this Thanksgiving. Even SNL said so this past weekend:

Given the many hours it takes to prepare that pesky turkey and your family’s assumption that a D.C. (or state capital) address qualifies you to speak authoritatively on most policy issues, you face too many opportunities to lose your cool over the cranberries.

We love our families, but we don’t always agree…politically. And that’s ok. But when your goal is Kumbaya and not WWIII, it’s imperative you know how to navigate the conversational minefields that await you this holiday season.

Good thing it’s Tuesday, B² day. In this week’s edition, DMG will teach you how to block and bridge your family so Thanksgiving remains a day of…thanks.

Here’s this week’s likely question from dad, grandma, and/or Uncle Bernie (we all have one, right?):

Uncle Bernie: “What do you think about this ISIS stuff? Shouldn’t we just go over there and bomb the Middle East?”

B²: “Uncle Bernie, I understand your concern. While the Middle East is a mess and the US needs to outline a clear strategy for its involvement, I’m so glad we live in a country that sets aside a day to give thanks for all we’ve been given. I’m personally thankful for <insert talking point>.”

When dad, grandma, and/or Uncle Bernie asks a prickly question, start by acknowledging their concern. There’s a lot going on at home and overseas, and the way forward doesn’t seem obvious or pleasant. But quickly redirect to the point of the holiday – naming our blessings and listing what we ARE thankful for. If you can block and bridge your way out of a TKO at the Thanksgiving dinner table, your family will thank you for what is sure to be the most peaceful and (therefore) BEST Thanksgiving ever…not an exaggeration. No one will even notice the overdone turkey.

P.S. The block and bridge discussed above was designed with Christmas in mind too. The family gatherings don’t start/end with Thanksgiving, so feel free to B² your way through the holiday season. The DMG staff plans to do so.

P.P.S. This is the last B² for 2015! These weekly emails will return on January 5th. Try not to miss DMG too much.