B²: August Recess

Congress has checked out for the summer, and the weekly release of DMG’s B² (block and bridge) is about to do the same. But have no fear, it will return in September!

This does raise some questions, though, on how we’ll be spending our time. Good thing we know how to B² (block and bridge).

Here is this week’s likely media question and the B² (block and bridge) that sets the narrative straight:

Q: “Will the DMG team be at the beach all month?”

: “While there will be some fun in the sun, August recess for DMG is more about <insert talking point>.”

Wherever we take the conversation next, it’s all about compiling the best tips for media interviews. In summary, August for DMG will look a lot like this:
We can’t wait to fill you in on the exciting projects to be revealed in the coming months. Have a great August, and get excited to B² (block and bridge) more fun topics soon!