B²: Polling Place Volunteers

IT’S FINALLY HERE. After 596 days, America gets to vote.

(In case you missed it, and want to know, you can enter your birth date into this calculator and it will tell you how much of your life has been spent tolerating the 2016 election cycle. You’re welcome.)

While we’re all glad the end is near (fingers crossed), the healing process needs to begin ASAP. If you didn’t vote early, and you’re headed to the polls today, you have an opportunity to take back the conversation and model the level of decorum we hope for in society. That’s right, the healing process starts at the ballot box.

Let us explain — It’s tempting to glare at (and treat poorly) the polling place volunteers as they hand you a sample ballot filled with people/positions you don’t support. But you have another option…

Good thing it’s Tuesday, Election Day 2016.

Here is this week’s likely question and the B² (block and bridge) that sets the narrative straight:

Q: “<Volunteer hands you a sample ballot> “Would you like a sample ballot before heading into the booth?”

B²: “I really appreciate you volunteering your time since our political process is so important, but those individuals/issues don’t represent the direction I hope for our country. <Insert talking point>.”

Wherever you take the conversation next, remember to be kind and thank the volunteer for engaging in the political process BEFORE pivoting to your principles. This person is donating their time to make sure you can engage in your civic duty, regardless of political affiliation. Recognize the person and then pivot to talk of the free society you hope for.

If you do this, you have taken the first step (that we all need to take) to change the narrative.