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TUESDAY TIP: Amazon Prime Day

In honor of Amazon Prime Day, a beloved national holiday, we thought we’d help fill your cart with everything you need for your next TV interview. Our goal is to make sure you present your best self on camera, so we’ve compiled a list of the Top 6 products we recommend to make you shine (not literally) in your interviews. […]

TUESDAY TIP: “Our pets’ heads are falling off!”

  “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” – Chicken Little “Our pets’ heads are falling off!” – Lloyd Christmas, Dumb and Dumber “Hundreds of thousands of Americans will die in the streets!” – [Insert Name of Democratic Senator] Maybe an understatement, but the Democrats don’t approve the Senate’s version of the health care […]

TUESDAY TIP: A blueprint for hostile questions

Last week marked a stunning moment in America as we watched Sen. Bernie Sanders and other Senators repeatedly attack Russ Vought, the administration’s nominee for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), not on his qualifications for the job but on his personal faith. Irate that Vought stood by his Christian beliefs, […]

TUESDAY TIP: Correcting the host

We’ve all been there. An introduction gone wrong, and no one knows if it’s polite to offer a correction. But what happens when it occurs in a live interview in front of millions (rough estimate) of people?   Q: “Should I correct the host?” A: “No, and here’s why…”   Offering a correction can break […]

B²: House Health Care Bill

Some things just go together and should never be separated – birthdays and cake, October and baseball, Beyoncé and Jay Z. But a new pair has been making headlines in recent days: the House health care bill and pre-existing conditions. Every single interview/article/social media post that addresses the AHCA, also addresses pre-existing conditions. This means you […]

B²: Energy + the Environment

On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order to open up U.S. energy resources by removing a ban on off-shore drilling in several key locations. Then, on Saturday, Washington D.C. watched another environmental/climate protest take over the city. With the environment in the news this week, to say it’s a “hot” button issue is an […]

B²: Government Shutdown

Friday’s the day! The day when, if no deal is struck to keep the government open, government employees will find out just how “non-essential” many of them are. Because talk of the government shutdown will occupy nearly every media outlet until Friday, palace intrigue, negotiation updates, and whip counts will rule the news cycle. How […]

B²: Tax Day

Tax Day is the worst. It stands as a reminder of how much money we’ve given the government in the last 365 days (interest free!) thanks to a complicated code no one understands. And yet, our debt is hovering dangerously close to $20 trillion. TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS. Everyone knows tax reform needs to happen, but […]

TUESDAY TIP: Don’t let ’em see you sweat!

When you live in a swamp like DC, avoiding sweat becomes a full-time hobby in the warmer months. And if Al Gore can be trusted (jk!), this “planetary emergency” called summer is about to trigger our sweat glands all over again, which can present a bit of a problem for TV interviews. Couple the higher […]