B²: Terrorism v. Privacy

Congress is up against another deadline. This time it cuts across partisan lines as Republicans and Democrats decide whether to reauthorize parts of the USA PATRIOT Act Section 215 or let them expire in June.

Is this mobile phone tapped? -Sarah Culvahouse Mills

The issue is heating up as a federal appeals court ruled last week that the NSA has gone beyond what Congress envisioned when it passed the law in 2001. That, combined with the recent terrorist attack in Garland, means lawmakers have a thorny issue on their hands with lots of messaging traps.

If asked, do you know how to respond to powers of surveillance questions?

Good thing it’s Tuesday, B² day.

Here’s the likely media question and the B² (block and bridge) that sets the narrative straight:

Q: “Should government have the power to spy on millions of innocent people?”

: “Any authority granted to government should balance national security concerns with the privacy of citizens, and we can get there by <insert talking point>.”

Wherever you take the conversation next, DO show concern for safety and privacy. Your answer and tone should reflect America’s long-standing protection of the freedom to work, play, and live without fear.

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