B²: Bathroom Bills and Bullies

On Friday, the Federal Government said more than just “employees must wash their hands.”

In case you missed it, a letter was signed, sealed, and delivered by the Obama Administration to every public school district threatening lawsuits and/or loss of funding if transgender students aren’t allowed to use the bathroom of their chosen gender identity.

Even if you never expect to answer questions about bathroom bills, the federal government’s mantra of “comply or lose funding” is a dangerous precedent. Some may even call it blackmail.

From immigration to EPA regulations to bathroom bills, do you know how to talk about abuse of executive power?

Good thing it’s Tuesday, B² day.

Here is this week’s likely media question and the B² (block and bridge) that sets the narrative straight:

Q: “What do you think about the bathroom bills?”

B²: “This is a complicated issue, and there is a lot to discuss in order to arrive at the best solution. But the Obama administration prefers to cut that conversation short (as he’s done with other issues), which is why… <insert talking point>.”

Wherever you take the conversation next, focus on the federal overreach and bullying tactics of the Obama Administration first. Doing so will enable you to have the right conversation – states know better than bureaucrats how to address the concerns of their citizens.