TUESDAY TIP: Don’t let ’em see you sweat!

When you live in a swamp like DC, avoiding sweat becomes a full-time hobby in the warmer months. And if Al Gore can be trusted (jk!), this “planetary emergency” called summer is about to trigger our sweat glands all over again, which can present a bit of a problem for TV interviews.

So, how do you appear young and fresh in an interview that might have you hot, bothered, and sweaty?

Here are a few tips to avoid the “pit stain” look:

1.  Make sure the color and type of fabric you wear hides pit stains. Light colors (i.e. pastels) are a great option. Men, you can wear a jacket to easily hide any embarrassing marks. Women, make sure to wear breathable fabrics (no silk!).

2.  Apply baby powder or talcum powder after you apply deodorant. It will absorb extra sweat in the armpit area.

3.  Undershirts – hot and annoying, but they work.

4.  Opt for a ride (taxi, Uber, Lyft) instead of walking to/from the interview location.

5.  We heard somewhere that caffeine makes you sweat more. But there’s no way we’re giving up our coffee, so we don’t expect you to either. Instead, apply tips 1-4 and hope for the best.

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