Brielle Colby

Director of Media Relations

Brielle is the Director of Media Relations for District Media Group. Prior to joining DMG, she worked in different parts of the media world. She was a publicist in the entertainment industry, securing media for country musicians, comedians, and actors.

She was also a publicist for Javelin, a literary agency, where she has worked with Lt. General Michael Flynn, Fox News host Eric Bolling, and former secret service agent Gary Byrne among others. All three of these authors went on to become New York Time best-selling authors for their works. She has secured media coverage for these authors on all major cable news and has worked with major print publications around the country. Brielle has also worked to secure media coverage on PBS, ABC Nightly News and CBS News for NGO Operation Underground Railroad, a group that consists of former Navy Seals who rescue children from sex slavery around the world. Before arriving at Javelin, she worked directly under the Vice President of News Bill Sammon and Fox News Sunday’s host Chris Wallace. During her time at Fox News and the Fox Business Network, Brielle produced guest segments, handled breaking news in high-pressure environments and routinely booked high-profile guests. She played an integral role in many special events like the 2014 Midterm Elections and 2016 GOP Primary debate in Cleveland. She holds a degree in Journalism and minor in Political Science from Penn State University. She spent 2 years in Peru serving in the Peace Corps where she learned Spanish as a second language and taught leadership classes to young adults.