As we transition our wardrobes from “phew, this sweater hides my extra brownies” to “OMG IT’S SWIMSUIT SEASON!,” we thought we’d breakdown the appropriate sleeve length on camera.

Hint, hint. This isn’t it:

Sleeve length matters in a tight camera shot. Going sleeveless is fine for women if the strap is wide—a too-skinny strap and it’ll look like you’re wearing a bathing suit on national TV.

Ladies, since we’re pretty sure Megyn Kelly’s look isn’t what you’re going for, here are two DMG-approved options:

Whichever option you chose–sleeves or no sleeves–you need to commit. Why? Because a mid-sleeve or cap sleeve tends to cut off the arm in a weird spot. You know what else makes your arm look segmented?

Cutting off your own sleeves.

Maybe this goes without saying, but…DON’T DO THIS ^^

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