TUESDAY TIP: Are you ready for some football??

As the NFL season kicks off on Thursday, we recommend you take a brief timeout from your fantasy draft to craft a few talking points. Why?

Thanks to ESPN’s commentator-gate, the increasing regularity of National Anthem protests, and Colin Kaepernick’s free agency, football is no longer a politics-free zone, which means you should anticipate a question or two in your media interviews. Are you ready?

Here’s this week’s likely question and the B² (block and bridge) that sets the narrative straight:


Q: “Do you think NFL athletes should be applauded for making a statement by kneeling for the National Anthem?”

B²: “I agree that these are important conversations to have. And while football players have the right to stand or kneel, I don’t think the football field is the most effective place to discuss these issues. <Insert talking point.>”


Wherever you take the conversation next, first acknowledge the importance of the conversation, but reiterate that kneeling in protest during the National Anthem might not be the most effective solution.

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    Seriously, you guys are creeps. An Italian foreign activist is dead and all you care about is your vendetta against depriving Palestinians of human rights and statehood.You know, not everybody seeks to cash in on their religious or ethnic identity the way you do, Mr. Schwartzman.

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    Thanks Eugene!!!I wish they would! But I’m not convinced that the LDS publicity department wants to spread the word that not all exmos are bitter — it could potentially undermine the message that leaving the church is bad…

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    Was genau verstehst Du nicht daran, dass mich deine Gedanken einen Scheißdreck interessieren?”Somit erübrigt sich m.E. jegliche Diskussion. Im finde den Pallenberg übrigens schon lange unsympathisch, allerdings sehe ich in der Art und Weise wie sich beide Kombattanten ausdrücken und mit ihrer Leserschaft umgehen nicht wirklich viele Unterschiede.

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    Here’s my crit:1. Lose the really poor advertising for AT&T where thousands watched a couple of folks play a game. Perhaps it was an intentional bathroom break for every one.2. Don’t rerun videos from the first show… We know the guys were tv actors.3. Tighten it up, too much dead air.4. Good music, great to see someone was remembering that the target audience is the youth.

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    It really bugged me that some of the questions were aired solely to show just how Hip CNN was. Having the Fake Rednecks video air with a softball question, as well as the other videos selected to get a laugh felt to me that this was more about pandering to the 18-34 demographic than anything else.

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    You haven't seen Blackfork's notes on converting the Vetterli to center-fire? I saw a not-too-bad one a couple of weeks ago and actually considered buying the dang thing. About 5 years ago a friend gave me 150 rounds of 7.65×53 Argy, but I regifted it as soon as I could.

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    I utterly adore finding new and interesting vegetables and you've definitely stumped/intrigued me here. Burdock…what a name. Sounds like a detective and I like it. If 'Burdock' marries well with the flavors you added here then I'm IN. I made plain old green beans with lovely sesame oil, rice vinegar and toasted sesame seeds tonight and was reminded how much I enjoy Asian flavors. Thanks for sharing Mary! You always teach us something new.

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