Thanksgiving: Bad Food Edition

Want to avoid an awkward Thanksgiving?? Because we do!

Whether you plan to spend the holiday with family, friends, or perfect strangers, we all risk eating a meal (or part of a meal) that doesn’t quite measure up.

Thankfully, (see what we did there?) DMG has a few tips for complimenting the host, even if the food leaves you in a McDonald’s drive-through on the way home. 

Consider one of the following reactions: 

“I haven’t had this type of green bean casserole before! What’s your secret?”


“Where did you get this recipe? Is it a family recipe?”


“Such a unique flavor, I can’t put my finger on what it is. How did you prepare <insert food>?”

Because it may be difficult to articulate a positive food experience without lying, you can always fall back on complimenting the effort it took to prepare the meal:

“Wow, did you make that pie crust by hand? That must have taken you a long time!”

Be positive. Be enthusiastic. And if all else fails, compliment the wine. 

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